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■dy scheme, the cen■tral government giv○es farmers a 1〓3 percent subsidy ◆on purchases of ce〓rtain home appl●iances. These inc●lude washing ■machines, color TV●s, refrigerato●rs and e


ve■n mobile phones.Au◆thorities have○ also lower〓ed their requ〓irements for manu◆facturers who pro○vide applianc○es for the subsidy 〓program.In a s●mall town in〓 Shandong Provin●ce, the proje●ct is increasing far〓mers' interest in b■uying home appli〓ances.Meng Q○ingdong, one S■ha

ndong farmer● said "It's m〓uch cheaper now t○o buy this 〓color TV under the〓 subsidy plan. Af■ter the purch〓ase, I only need to ◆apply to l●ocal financial a■uthorities with a re●ceipt and my ID ■card, then within a● couple of w●eeks, the gover●nment will give■ me the fun〓ds. "As eac◆h home appliance ◆in the program has a■ sort of ID◆ card, farmers can■ get useful inf■ormation t●hrough a s●pecial system.Zhe◆ng Shuwei, Directo●r of Comprehen○sive Department● of Ministr●y of

Commer●ce said "By using◆ this system,●

, e●spe technology

you can find out in◆formation on■ home appliances' ◆production and〓 sales,and you ca〓n also find ■out if there ○is a subsidy f〓or a parti○cular item●. Farmers can ○also learn how mu■


ch the subsidy is ●and when it b〓e will be off●ered. This transpa◆rent opera●tional method can◆ effectivel○y prevent m●istakes and corrupti●on."Over the ◆past year, ●the governm○ent subsidy has● generated 1.6 bill●ion yuan in consump●tion of ho●me appliances. T●he scheme has also● led to an increa〓se in the sale●s volume of hom■e appliance m■akers in Shando◆ng, Henan and Sichua●n provinces, ■the first group o●f pilot provinces■ by an average 4○0 percent.● So far, home appl●iance giants ○Hisens and Haier h■ave set up over 40-■thousand outlets ◆in rural areas, doub■le the numb◆er of 2007.Guo● Qingcun, Vice P〓resi

dent o◆f Hisens said "W○e are plann●ing to invest ●100 millio○n yuan to establi◆sh an after-〓sales serv●ice network in〓 rural areas. And we◆ aim to employ 40-〓thousand people to j●oin the se○rvice from t●hose areas."Ex◆perts say the projec■t is also a big he◆lp for the ◆household electro〓nic appliance indu○stry hit b●y the global 〓financial cr●isis. And it ●will help top pote■ntially enormou●s demand across Chin◆a's vast ru○ral region〓s.Sui Yinghui, D●irector of Eco○nomi

cs Institute of 〓CASS Qingdao said○ "It's

estim◆ated that if the ce○ntral government inv●ests one yuan, ●this will direc〓tly stimulate farm

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er●s to spend ei■ght yuan. It mean◆s in the next four y◆ears, the project○ will generate up to● 900 billion■ in rural consumpti◆on."The project ◆will be furth○er expanded in■ February n●ext year, w〓hen it will ●cover all rural area●s. And it w■ill stay i〓n place until Jan●uary 2013.Far○mers hope that ■local fina〓n

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cial and comm◆erce authoriti●es can fur●ther simplify s●ubsidy pro

〓cedures.Related st○ories:Xue Juanjuan 〓and her fiance hav?/p>

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